march 15. 5:40 p.m.

Ok, so I’m back with an update. It’s been a little over a week that I decided to delete most of my social medias and this was definitely one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

I think the best part was that SO MANY of you responded with feedback, support, encouragement and just positive energy and conversation flowed out of this. You guys are beautiful souls and I’m glad that there are other people that are ready to go out and live life.

Here were the things I experienced after deleting my socials.

1. I had SO much time. Like you won’t realize how much time you waste until you get rid of it, or at least take a break. I had time to pursue my hobbies, time to read, time to do stuff that I liked and I wanted to do.

2. Instead of obsessing over ‘hot’ bodies and ‘goals’ legs and all those beauty and fitness goals I saw in other people, I finally was able to start taking care of myself, working out, practising self-care and improving myself. I realized that after a certain amount of time I have to stop admiring the lives of others and focus on realizing my goals and dreams.

3. I was able to talk to people that I love. By always being glued to the phone I was held back from investing in relationships with real people that were around me. Why not talk to real people, create real memories and real relationships in real life?

4. Finally, I wasn’t enslaved to my phone. I didn’t have to check my screen literally every 5 seconds to see who followed me, who liked my photo, what celebrity posted what. The famous people legit don’t know you and aren't worried about you, they’re just living their life. People can get so caught up following someone else’s life, wearing their clothes, using their cosmetics, that they become a mirror of someone else. A copy! But you are uniquely you, you need to life your own life, and that’s what I finally decided I needed to do.

I definitely recommend taking that break from social media, and if you liked this article I’m sure we’d be friends.

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