After a long time finally I have a new study article, yay.
This i article in particular I've been planning to do it for quite some time but I didn't find the best tips but here it is. Enjoy

How to study

Ask questions when needed.

If you aren’t certain about something your teacher said, or didn’t understand the way something was presented, make sure to raise your hand and ask for clarification but if you're shy you can also ask a friend, doing this will make so much easier when you study.

Review your notes after class.

I know it can be boring but trust me it helps. Just by reading your notes one time after class will let you get better the equations.
Studies have shown that after a week, you can usually only recall 35% of what you learned in class. Retention and recall can drop as low as 21% after two weeks.

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Use color for emphasis.

This is a pretty famous tip but it's so important when you study, for example do the equations with one color and the result with another. It will make you easier study.

Problem solving

1. Read through the problem at a moderate speed to get an overview of the problem.
2. Read through the problem again for the purpose of finding out what the problem is asking for (your unknown). Be able to state this in your own words.
3. If the teacher allows you can draw a diagram and label the givens
4. •Devise a tentative plan to solve the problem by using one or more of the following tactics:
• Form relationships among all facts given. (Write an equation that includes your unknown.)
• Think of every formula or definition that might be relevant to the problem.
5. Once you have a plan, carry it out. If it doesn't work, try another plan.
6. Check your solution.

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  • During the problem solving process, it is often helpful to say out loud all of the things you are thinking. This verbalization process can help lead you to a solution.

While you are in a test

1. Get a quick look over the whole exam , assessing questions as to their level of difficulty and point value. Also get a sense of how much time to spend on each question. Leave time at the end to check your work.
2. Begin to work the problems which seem easiest to you. Also give priority to those problems which are worth the most points.
3. If you have a lapse of memory on a certain problem, skip the problem and return to it later.

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