Hello again for Disney songs in plenty of different languages! Languages is one of my passions and I love listening to Disney songs in other languages!
I've already written an article about Disney characters and their native languages because they are the languages I most love to listen to, it feels like it's the real character singing!

For this article, even if I love them, I'll not choose languages I already put in the previous article, to vary languages and make you listen to more of them! I'll also choose three different languages for each singing heroine (because, you know, I really love languages). Also, I'll not choose English because pretty everyone already heard Disney songs in English, I give other languages a chance.

Let's start!

anna, dance, and disney image

Snow White

- Cantonese, by Chui ​Wai

- French (2001), by Rachel Pignot

- Polish (2009), by Edyta Krzemień


- Dutch (1990), by Joke de Kruijf

- Russian, by Elena Galitskaya

- Latin Spanish (1997), by Natalia Sosa


- Czech, by Lucie Vondráčková

- Danish (1998), by Amalie Dollerup

- Romanian, by Cătălina Chirțan


- Portuguese, by Ana Paula Almeida

- Korean, by Hong Hwa-Jin

- Hebrew, by Limor Shapira


- Arabic, by Noha Qais

- Icelandic, by Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir

- Polish, by Magdalena Majchrzak


- Hebrew, by Shlomit Aharon

- Norwegian, by Sissel Kyrkjebø

- French (1998), by Marie Galey


- Castilian Spanish, by Inés Moraleda

- German, by Jana Werner

- Norwegian, by Merethe Trøan


- Italian, by Simona Peron

- Hindi, by Dominique Cerejo

- Croatian, by Renata Sabljak


- Norwegian, by Anne Aartun

- Finnish, by Annimaria Rinne

- Arabic, by Amani Shawqi


- Portuguese, by Susana Félix

- Russian, by Teona Dol’nikova

- German, by Alexandra Wilcke


- Latin Spanish, by Fernanda Meade

- Greek, by Alkistis Protopsalti

- Italian, by Mietta


- Cantonese, by Karen Mok

- Castilian Spanish, by Celia Vergara

- German, by Jasmin Tabatabai


- Korean, by So-jung Lee

- Castilian Spanish, by María Caneda

- Hungarian, by Auth Csilla


- Danish, by Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt

- Romanian, by Simona Nae

- Bulgarian, by Ventsislava Stoilova


- Latin Spanish, by Denise Castro Lora

- French, by Nathalie Fauran

- German, by Deborah (Debby) van Dooren


- Danish, by Nellie Ettison

- Hebrew, by Ninet Tayeb

- Canadian French, by Nancy Fortin


- Slovak, by Alžbeta Bartošová

- Bulgarian, by Nadejda Panaiotova

- Polish, by Katarzyna Popowska


- Croatian, by Nataša Mirković

- Catalan, by Gisela

- Serbian, by Jelena Gavrilović


- Flemish, by Aline Goffin

- Swedish, by Mimmi Sandén

- Hebrew, by Einat Azulay


- Arabic, by Carmen Suleiman

- Hawaiian, by Auli'i Cravalho

- Latin Spanish, by Sara Paula Gómez Arias

Voilà ! I always chose the same songs so you can more easily compare the different voices.
I hope you liked this article as much as I loved doing it! Feel free to tell me your perfect fitting voice for some heroines or the language in which you watch Disney movies! I'd love to listen to songs in languages I don't know yet!