Once a girl who was made of beauty, intensity and fun; Hard to handle and easy to mend , wanted to cry at night. Looking at the roof above her, she saw the sky.

The lining of her soul made her cry, so thin and delicate, yet stronger then a graphene. She was filled with thunder and storms, had not been hers if he hadn't gone. She cried till her breathing was heavy. When water was hard to swallow. She kept the sniffs calm and steady.

Her hope was crushing down. She then picked the phone and sent him her sufferings through texts and missed calls. she couldn't know, why was he ignoring her calls.

The boy, he wanted to call her back, he wanted to tell her that he didn't break her soul. He was talking to him now he just wanted her to STOP. ... Looking at the roof above his room, where he saw the sky crushing similar to he soul. He called her up and said no words.

She was the one who broke first. ..asked him nothing instead of ''why''; He could speak, and stared to cry. She knew it was over, and panicked . He then said, ''Once a girl who was strong as a graphene, so delicate from inside. Made a choice to shade her soul with me. Which was so pure, and so neat. I will not say who is wrong nor right. Only i'll tell you the truth, the graphene was too good for me. I was afraid that i could have ruined it''. He said her intensity was bold just like her soul. She was a graphene the tough and famine.