so i don't usually let other people look at my playlist or even ask me what genre of music i like because i get very insecure about it. :(:

however, i feel like the music i listen to has different meanings to people and based on what people have been through, they relate to that song in their own special way!

so, i'm going to put 10 of my most favourite.

1. real friends - camila cabello
- real friends is a song that i can deeply relate to. i never had true friends that would stick up for me and actually cared about me but gladly, i found some (:

2. aftershock - hannah jane lewis

3. little me - little mix
- this song makes me cry because as a little kid, i was always afraid of making friends and i never had that confidence to speak to people i didn't know. although, primary school wasn't a time where i was overly worried about my appearance, i wish i could go back in time and tell myself that i'm beautiful and that i don't need to hate the way i look.

4. kiwi - harry styles
- it's just pretty dope

5. ocean eyes - billie EYElish (had to do that)
- ocean eyes is just an incredible song that has so much meaning in it from billie's point of view

6. september song - jp cooper
- it's about young love and i find it so beautiful because jp cooper has a voice of an angel

7. 1-800-273-8255 - logic feat. alessia cara & khalid
- all i'm going to say is please watch the music video. it makes you understand more about what the song is about.

8. i have questions - camila cabello (yes, another camila song because gurl, i'm a camilizer)
- this song, in my mind, means that you're sort of questioning everything

9. somebody else - the 1975
- yeeeees, i'm a rock fan! this song makes me get goosebumps, for real

10. just the way you are - bruno mars
- this song makes me feel good about myself and that i don't need to change who i am and that i should love myself

so dudes, that is all but if you want to know more songs in my playlist, hit me up!
~ rab♥