There is something about life that makes us wild and free, and this is because of who we are.

Here's the second part of my article about the This or That tag/challenge. I decided splitting it in two parts or more because it's a challenge with many categories and I didn't want to make this article too long. So... here's part two of my This or That challenge.

1. Knolowedge or happiness

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For me, knolowedge is happiness, so I guess the answer is both.

2. City or nature

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It really depends, if I owned a car then nature, but until then I guess the city.

3. Book or movie

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Books will always come first.

4. Long or short hair

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Having long, thick, healthy afro hair is my dream, I hope that by the end of the year my hair will grow like this...

5. Black or white

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Black is so chic...

6. Wanderer or homestuck

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I love to travel, I can't stay in one place.

7. Bath or shower

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Shower because it feels so damn good.

8. Candy Chocolate

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Chocolate is life.

9. Sunrise or sunset

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I don't think I've ever witnessed a sunrise so I guess I would go with sunset.

10. Smoke or drink

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Neither, mostly because I'm asthmatic and also because it messes up my medication.

And I guess that's basically it, I hope you liked this article and that now you know a little bit more about my preferences.
- Dahiandra