Ciao Miei Angeli!

Todays article is about my typical gym workout session and soon to come will be my home workout routine, so without further ado, enjoy!

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So I've recently renewed my membership from being AWOL for what feels like six months so I'm starting to pick my socks up and dive in head first to continue what I started.

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Im starting to also log each of my workouts so that I'm able to refine the routine as time goes on.

1) To warmup I start on the treadmill, changing the resistance every now and then for roughy 8-10 minutes, If you are like me and are unable to withstand long periods of running/jogging, it is more than acceptable to keep up a brisk walk.

2) By no means do I expect everyone to be on the same wavelength as I am since all of us are our each individual person but I've recently been keeping up with 85lb on leg press (10x12) which i repeat two more times throughout my gym session.

3) I like to work those legs and gluten so my next arrival is Glute Extension. I work with 55lb and do 20 lifts per leg.

4) One of my favourites (since I can work both legs and butt) is working my Outer Thighs. I range in the weight but typically go for 70lb for 15x4 which is then repeated three times during the session.

5) another one of my favourites is the Seated Row, although it does leave me unable to completely straighten my arms the next day usually. I do this twice in the session and do 15x3 reps.

6) Not one of my favourites, but I move on to the stationary bikes which i continue on for roughly 5 minutes since the seats are super uncomfortable and by that my legs are ready to drop haha.

7) LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST comes the Chest press which is done 15x3.

By now I'm sure you can tell I'm a sucker for machine weights since I'd probably drop a free weight on my foot if I ever was to try it, but I do however from time to time use medicine balls to work my core my usually using them to aid me in Russian twists, sit ups and to aid in other areas like squats.

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My at home workouts will be coming soon!
That's it from me, until next time! <3

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