City of Bones

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written by Cassadra Cass

Actually this is the first book of a book series called the mortal Instruments.


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The book follows Clary Fray, a girl who isn't as normal as she thinks (Duuuh... the beginning of nearly every fantasy book). When she went to a club called pandemonium, her whole world turns upside down. The reason: she sees a crowd of strangely behaving, but incredibly attractive teens sneak into a storeroom. She follows them, and discovers that they're demon hunters when they kill a demon in front of her, which dissolves into the floor. Even more strange... she was the only one, who was able to see them.

Back at home, her mother is acting all cryptic and over-protective, packing up their stuff to move away from New York City and into the country home of her best friend, Luke. Clary isn't pleased, and leaves the apartment to hang out with Simon. She finds him at a poetry reading, where she also runs into Jace, one of the demon hunters (called Shadowhunters or Nephilim). And then she receives a scary phone call from her mother that sounds like she's in danger. When she runned back home she wasn't able to find her and Jace had to save her from a demon.

While she's searching her mother with the help the shadowhunters, Clary finds out who/ what she really is.

my opinion:

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i really love the books, it's so interressting, you can feel like you're one of the characters. I wasn't able to stop until I've read the last page. Cassandra Cass is a Genius. I fell in love with all of her charactares and had mntal breakdowns on certain Points of the series because of all the Things that happenes to my precious Babys.
There is also a movie made out of the book, but I personally don't like it that much, it mised some (at least fo me) important Details and Scenes. The Netflixoriginal Shadowhunters i way better,but I would suggest to read the book first.


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The book is perfect for People who like a good mixture of fantasy, Action, mysery and emotional books. I can only repeat it; I really love this book.

So that's it, my first artical of the series, hope you enjoyed it.
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'Till the next time
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