You shouldn’t be scared every morning about walking into school
You shouldn’t worry that this might be your last day
Your last I love you
Your last goodbye
The last time you messed with your brother or kissed your girlfriend
Even if you’ve thought about dying so many times
It wasn’t meant to happen today
You weren’t ready
You weren’t ready for that bullet
For that gun
For that gunman
You weren’t ready for the tears running down your teachers face because there was nothing she could do

You try to remember everything
Every last detail before it all drifts away
The color of the sunset
Your last sunset
The smell of the breakfast your parents cooked this morning
The warmth of your father’s embrace
The sound of your favorite song
The taste of your favorite ice cream

You hear the stomping of fleeing feet
Desks being shoved across the floor to barracked classroom doors
Listen to the crying of classmates
The principal over the loudspeaker
Maybe hoping that the location is closer to your class so your sibling
Or best friend can make their escape

Think about what your life could be
Your husband or wife
Your kids
Your mansion in a town
Your loft in a big city
Your cabin in the woods
Ranch on the countryside
That house overlooking the ocean
Whatever it could have been

But why
Why is this what I am saying
What I’m writing about in my spare time
Because this world is so screwed up
This is what we think about
When will it be my last day
Will someone with a gun come into my school
Threaten my family and friends
Will my teacher give up one day
Pull that gun they are aloud to have out of whatever hiding spot

I don’t want this to be my present
I don’t want this to be my sisters future
Are you going to do anything about it
Or do I have too