Some simple vegan breakfasts recipes to use when I don't know what to make

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Smoothie bowl
Put some spinach(about 1 cup), some berries or other fruits(about 1 cup), some almond milk, peanut butter, chia seeds, half a banana. You can add maple syrup too. Sometimes I add an avocado to make it ultra smooth.

Scrambled tofu
Break the firm brick of tofu in little pieces to make it look like actual scrambled eggs. Cook it with some olive oil if you want it, then add curcuma( this is what will give it its yellow color). Add some vegetables such as bell peppers and mushrooms and some beans too. Add salt and pepper.

Carrot cake oat porridge
Here's my favourite recipe: . It's perfect to warm yourself on a cold morning, I love it so much!

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Moutain of fruits and nuts
I just grab whatever fruits I have and add some nuts to it. Most of the time it contains: pineapple, apples, banana, rasberries, kiwis, grapefruit. I add some maple syrup too.

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Vegan crêpes
This is for the mornings I've got more time. Favorite recipe: . I also add some berries and nuts on top of it.

Avocado toasts
Simply the easiest and one of the best thing I ever ate!! Smash avocados, add some lemon juice with salt and pepper and put on top chia seeds. Simply delicious!!

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That is all for this article, hope you enjoyed it! Give me some comeback on it if you want, I always love to hear your opinion on my articles! Much love as always, Sarah xx