Horned Serpent

represents the mind of a wizard, favours scolars

Wizards with the best intellectual capacities should be chosen by the Horned Serpent. Obviously, they're really smart and want to learn as mch as they can. Their main goal in life is to develop their mind and to challenge their beliefs. They're logical and rationnal, however most of them are also very creative. Painting or writing are some of the favorite activities of a horned serpent. It challenges their reflexion as much as their creativity. The library is probably their favorite place in Ilvermorny since it is one of the calmest places. More observers than talkers, they can be considered cold, but they are simply very careful with whom they put their trust in. As a consequence, they may have some trouble socializing with the other houses. However, they bond very easily with others Horned Serpents. This helps them tremendously since they often seek comfort and support in others, being in constant search for validation. This house is probably the one creating the strongest relationships among its students.

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represents the heart of a wizard, favours healers

Kindness and altruism are the biggest qualities of Pukwudgies. If anyone needs someone to talk to, a Pukwudgie will always listen no matter who the person is. They give extremely good advices that should always be followed. They tend to hate competition; they excel when they have to cooperate, not when they need to fight. Pukwudgies will always prefer discussion to confrontation. However, their kindness should never be mistaken for weakness. Indeed, they are probably the most honest and fair individuals in Ilvermorny. They always judge acts as fairly as possible, they do not let their emotions control them and interfere with their decisions. Very self-aware and self-confident, they know their capacities as well as their limits. Since they tend to be very nature-oriented, their favorite subjects are defenitely Care of magical creatures, Herbology and Potions.

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represents the body of a wizard, favours warriors

Very impulsive, Wampuses are extremely good at duels. They excel in everything requiring strenght, mental or physical. Giving up and failing are their biggest fears. They're overachievers who tend to work too much for their own well-being. Very competitive but also very loyal, they make very good and supportive friends. They're not afraid to speak their mind and to lead their own fights. Wampuses also hate inequalities and injustices, they will fight with everything they have for their beliefs. They want to be heard and recognised. Very practical and impatient, they're not really into books and homeworks. They need action, they hate reflexion and plan-making. Their common room is always full of life and noises, that's the place they hang out the most. They are the troublemakers of Ilvermorny, every year is a constant competition for who's going to be the author of the biggest prank.

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represents the soul of a wizard, favours adventurers

Dreamers and adventurers will always be welcomed in Thunderbird. Wizards chosen to be a part of this house are often a bit absent-minded but brilliant as far as improvisation is needed. They're bold individuals following their instinct, not scared of the unknown. This is probably the most diverse house in term of personalities. Some Thunderbirds are really outgoing, loud and talkative while others are more reserved, secretive and solitary. However, they all need perpetual stimulations. They all crave new discoveries and will never say no to a new adventure. Thunderbirds create their own magical world and promote self-discovery. They could talk for hours about personal development and philosophical subjets. They will always encourage people to elevate their soul by experimenting and living life to the fullest. They have a tendency to have concentration problems during classes, but their personal knowledge acquired by their own means allows them to not be penalized. On the contrary, this characteristic makes them unique as far as school work is concerned.

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