ride - lana del rey
this song makes me feel happy sometimes and other times it can make me cry, it depends on my mood. my favourite lana del rey song. honestly beautiful. possibly my favorite song of all time, idk.

team - lorde
this song can also give me mixed emotions and has a lot of memories attached to it. i like listening to it late at night, like on a drive or something.

grace kelly - MIKA
no matter what mood im in this song always makes me smile. i like to play it in the mornings sometimes on the weekends, when im opening the curtains and getting ready for the day.

season 2 episode 3 - glass animals
the kinda song that makes u just wanna stop what you're doing and have a very alternative dance break. i love this song so much omg.

hard to love - calvin harris & jessie reyez
like to listen to this when im just looking out the window or something. i like some of the lyrics

idle worship - paramore
my perfect jam to dance to in my bedroom and just have fun, also has a lot of memories attatched.

lemon - n.e.r.d & rihanna -
honestly just puts me in a mood - in a good way! idk it kinda makes me feel like im set out to do something and i'll listen to it before i play a sport or something.

money - pink floyd
my favourite pink floyd song. i love listening to it when you're just walking to the shops with your headphones in.

bethlehem - declan mckenna
again, has a lot of memories attached and reminds me of holidays.

clean - taylor swift
i just loooove the lyrics of this song and i love listening to it when im trying to get to sleep.

someone new - hozier
always been an all-time favorite for me and gives me such inspiration/ positive vibe.

sweater weather - the neighborhood
loads of memories with this song, nice to listen to in car journeys when looking out the window.

life is simple in the moonlight - the strokes
this song just puts me in such a vibe and is good when focusing on things.

............ to be continued