Albus Dumbledore

alan rickman, albus dumbledore, and gif image movie and wizard image
Harry Potter

Lydia Martin

Image removed teen wolf, holland roden, and lydia martin image
Teen Wolf

Richie Tozier

gif, it, and finn wolfhard image actor, clown, and film image
IT : Chapter 1


eleven, stranger things, and millie bobby brown image draw, edit, and eleven image
Stranger Things

Peeta Mellark

header, the hunger games, and josh hutcherson image Image by Romy
The Hunger Games

Mike Wheeler

el, eleven, and snowball image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and finn image
Stranger Things

Alaric Saltzman

the vampire diaries, alaric, and alaric saltzman image tvd, alaric saltzman, and the vampire diaries image
The Vampire Diaries

Steve Harrington

stranger things, steve harrington, and gif image quotes, steve, and stranger things image

Severus Snape

harry potter, severus snape, and snape image harry potter, snape, and ron weasley image
Harry Potter

Richard Webber

Image removed depress, doctor, and greys anatomy image
Grey's Anatomy

George O'Malley

Greys, grey's anatomy, and icon image grey's anatomy, george, and george o'malley image
Grey's Anatomy

Nick Miller

Image removed gif, new girl, and jake johnson image
New Girl

Miranda Bailey

Image removed grey's anatomy and miranda bailey image
Grey's Anatomy

Jeremy Gilbert

Image by ElleyBelly 🐛 Image removed
The Vampire Diaries

Mieczyslaw "Stiles" Stilinski

Temporarily removed teen wolf, stiles, and sarcasm image

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