Maybe lot of you people on WHI have wonder ,what would i do on a zombie apocalypse?
Or maybe just me.Because i have insomnia right now.

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Here's the rules.
Leeetttss gooo.

1 . Dude, run to the closest supermarket!

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And grab EVERYTHING, mostly medicine and canned food, DON'T FORGET TOILET PAPER.

2 . steal a car or a motorcycle (with full tank, obviously)

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i'm not saying stealing is right but in a zombie apocalypse everything is allowed .If you already have a this ,you can skip this step and everything is cool.If you are underage you can get a bike or a skate o just walk you'll be fine (not really)

3 . Go home ,you must reunite water

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If you forget this step, I will look for you personally and I will slap you in the face.

4 . Take everything you can use as a weapon

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weapons are so important to fight zombies, THEY WANT YOUR BRAIN.

5 . Get appropriate clothes for the occasion

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People who kill zombies usually wear leather jackets and cool boots.

6 . Get a backpack and filled it with important things

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Like a compass, a map, Band-Aids, a knife, your favorite book, a pencil, the photo of someone you love, candies.

7 . Don't you dare to go out alone,unless is necessary

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you will probably die out there.

8 . Don't trust easily

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Maybe it's a trap, just trust your friends and family.

9 . Train yourself

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In every aspect , zombies could be fast.

10 . Maybe there is no cure

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Don't have high hopes.

I came with this idea cause i saw "I am legend".
Don't judge me
Hope you like it , you can see my other articles

Love, Val.