Hi Hearters!
Today, I decided to write my first real article! (I've written one before but that one had only 3 sentences so yeah) I would like to say sorry if you find any mistakes in my article because English isn't my first language but I'm trying my best :) I hope you enjoy it~

Red is the colour of passion, energy and action. It's also the colour of ambition and determination. Red also stands for anger and sexual passion.

If you're a fashion lover like I am and red is your favourite colour, you like to wear red clothes, right? Here are some pictures to give you some inspiration to create a stylish outfit^^


red, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, skirt, and style image red, fashion, and style image
Skirts are really cute if you ask me, but if you combine them with a cool jacket, you can look really badass with it


dress, red, and fashion image dress and fashion image fashion, romper, and spring image fashion, dress, and red image
Dresses are one of my fav clothes if I want to look feminine: they are really elegant!


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Wear them with a beautiful top and you're ready to slay


fashion, red, and style image fashion image red, grunge, and fun image red, Psycho, and aesthetic image
You can wear shirts with a cute or cool pair of pants, or you can wear them with a nice skirt... Shirts look good with almost EVERYTHING


Temporarily removed fashion, red, and outfit image fashion, red, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
These are so fashionable and they look AMAZING


vans, red, and sneakers image Image removed fashion, outfit, and red image red and shoes image
Sneakers, high heels, boots... They all look great!

Make up

red image Temporarily removed lipstick, makeup, and red image nails, red, and beauty image
Put on some red lipstick, some reddish eye shadow or use a red nailpolish


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Some jewelry makes the diffrents: just wear what you like!

I hope y'all liked this article! If you do, pls leave a heart :)
I will make more of these with the other colours, so if red isn't your fav and you want some inspiration, wait a bit more and I will write one about your fav~
XOXO Jolien