Well, I'm a ~ kpop addicted ~.
Since I found out this music genre, I couldn't stop listening to it because it's very catching. But in this article i'm bringing you some kpop songs that aren't focused on the catchy beats. Here's some songs that give me inner peace when I listen to it. These are songs that you can chill while listening to.

  • RUNAWAY by Pentagon
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"I never say give up, I can’t give up. You can’t trap me in this frozen world anymore (...)."
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"What we made, the love scenario, now the lights are off. When the last page is turned we quietly close the curtains (...)."
  • SO FAR AWAY by Agust D (feat. Suran)
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"It feels like I’m all by myself, I hope everything disappears when I’m alone. I hope things disappear like mirage, I hope things disappear, I hope my damn self disappears. I’m abandoned like this in the world, in this moment I’m drifting away from the sky. I’m falling (...)
  • LIKE THIS by Pentagon
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"I’m running I’m running baby. Running through an endless tunnel. I see a faint light far away, I’m running I’m running baby, even if I trip and fall I will find myself, oh yeah (...)."
  • BROKEN HEART by Monsta X
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"I won’t have it ever again the precious times to be in love with you. But you’re in my memories. As I’m holding on I'm not able to forget a single moment (...)."
  • FLY WITH ME by I.M
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"I will be the breath by your side. Fly with me, ride with me. Tie up me, I'll fly to you. Wherever you are, I'll fly to you. Even if I'm away, baby I'll be there (...)."