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  • Blossom
flower, jumpsuit, and outfit image black hair, flower, and jumpsuit image freckles, freckless, and ginger image hair, bow, and red image Image removed Image removed
Her trait is leadership
  • Buttercup
fashion and clothes image Temporarily removed vans, shoes, and black image fashion, girl, and outfit image Image removed hair, aesthetic, and short hair image
She is quite tomboyish and a rebel
  • Bubbles
Image removed hair, loren, and loren gray image fashion, girl, and hair image Temporarily removed black, black heels, and christmas image eye, eyes, and blue image
Bubbles is all about being cute and bubbly
  • Miss Sara Bellum
fashion, red, and outfit image fashion, style, and red image ginger hair and red hair image curly hair, ginger, and glasses image red, heels, and model image red, fashion, and girl image
She loves red

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