I’m not a bad person. And this is not about hate. It’s just a synopsis about some moments in my life and what I learned from them. Life taught me that not everything is pink.

People are very changeable. I discovered that some time ago when I was in highschool. It was a little bit weird when I realised that. But after I understand what’s going on I tried to get over the bad things because people have up on me without even telling me what I was wrong.

I grew up and the wounds have healed. Now I don’t care about everyone like I use to do in adolescence. I don’t want to be the “popular girl” anymore. I don’t need everyone’s attention neither their opinion about me. In fact, I was never the “popular girl” but I wanted to be. Now I’m fine with ordinary girl type.

What I want to say is that now I don’t care because I understand that are things more important than the opinion of superficial people who don’t know me. They doesn’t matter for me because they are people passing through my life. If a person doesn’t like me, I’m fine. I will not take it personal like I use to do.

I’m searching for quality people from which I have something to learn. Someone who can improve my life and help me to evolve as a person because I think the people next to us represent us.

I’m a discreet person and I don’t open up to everyone. I need to feel your soul warn next to me and I will trust you if I will feel like that. It’s hard to get closer to me. Also, it’s hard for me to get close to someone I love.

And yes. I don’t give a … about mean people who are trying to hurt me. If you don’t know me don’t talk about me. I care about people I love and I have selective memory. So, if I don’t remember you probably you weren’t very important to me.