Hellooo Guys! ☺
Today I'm going to show you my favorite movies!

Hunger Games series

Jennifer Lawrence, katniss everdeen, and the hunger games image katniss everdeen, gif, and hunger games image
I love the story behind the movies and the book. I love jennifer lawrence and Liam Hemsworth of course ;)

Forest Gump

bird, quotes, and forrest gump image nike, shoes, and tennis image
Best Movie in the entire world omg! and boi look at these shoes (i have them too lol)

The great Gatsby

Temporarily removed Image removed
Love Love Love!! I like the 20s aesthetic in this movie so much and the soundtrack from lana del rey "young and beautiful" is one of my favorite song. So the Movie + the song = ♥♥♥

Me before you

me before you, sam claflin, and movie image me before you, emilia clarke, and sam claflin image
Such a sad movie! i actually watched it on a airplane and cried so much haha.

Harry Potter series

harry potter and sirius black image harry potter, ron weasley, and draco malfoy image
I think we all now how good the movies are (and the books of course)

Toy Story

buzz, disney, and pixar image sad, scary, and toy story image
My all time favorite disney movies oh my gooood!! I love them and cry everytime...

That was all guys i hope you liked it leave a laugh face if you watched at least 2 of them!

much love A ♥