i really like to have vibes in the spring, because i don't need a jacket in the morning or evening, and for the night it's enought just to be in a great company, and you just can't feel weather. this is what i think you should do in the spring with friends or alone.

korea and neon image girl, walk, and friendship image
go outside in the night time. i love this kind of walks, especially alone. because it's not cold, and you can think about everything you done, you can cry the fuck out in the dark. at least you change the crying place{lol i always cry in bed}
веселье, вечер, and карусели image carousel, effect, and heaven image
i think that in carousels you can forget about all your heart breaks, and just keep remembering the childhood.
girl and sleep image dog, funny, and lol image
i don't know. sleep longer in the morning if you don't have school or smthng, sleep in the lunch and sleep in the dinner. never be enought of sleep okay?
flowers, girl, and orange image garden, house, and green image
found a place, where you can be with yourself, alone, even if just for a few minutes, trust me, that place will help you solve your problems.
sing, styles, and Harry Styles image concert, rock, and new years day image Angeles, la, and mind image
found a new band or singer which do you really love, and go to their concerts! believe me, this idea is one of the best in your life!
book, lady, and red image alone, quiet, and hobby image
if you are the person that likes to create things, and has tons of ideas in his mind, then try to write a book. i dont forse you, to write it to internet, but maybe just a small book where are your all negatives, things that you worry about and something.
room, bedroom, and hippie image pink, room, and home image decoration image
RE-decorate your room. because why not.
beautiful, fjord, and hike image green, nature, and tropical image
sleep in a tent, in nature.

and last, but not least, take every experience as a lesson. because without pozitive, you wouldn't have a good spring !

with love, *-*.