Hi there!

And welcome to my newest article:) I'm glad you're here! Today, I'm −gonna share you my top sneakers/boots which totally fit my punk −rock/grunge/vintage (or maybe just according to me, lol) style.

Although most of my clothes and shoes are black sometimes I like to play with colors too. The more flash the best. Plus I sometimes change the color of my shoelace too.


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I own two pairs of docs (as my autumn/winter shoes) a black and a white. Usually I use the black with white red or orange shoelace. sometimes I only change one of my shoes if I feel colorful (not so often:DD) but I think it can really make an outfit better. Plus it's more fun if your tee (for example) matches your shoelace.

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all so cool!!


I basically always spend my pocket many to new Chuch Taylors, because they're life. They're so beautiful, and comfy and so much colors!! I usually spend hours juts thinking which colors I should pick and bring home with me.

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Now I have a red one (quite new) an oldie black which I've had for 6 or 7 years already. I have a leather black, that's more like a skater shoe. I've a pink, yellow and black which I got when I was 12 and I don't usually use it now anymore. And I'm planning to go to work soon so I can buy new ones:D I'm in love with yellow recently, and thinking about a deep green too.

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Ahh and this!!!
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Ain't 'em beautiful??


Okay, I mean... Vans is cool and stuff, but I like converse more! However I have a black old skool vans sneaker which is quite comfy.

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And I like these checkered recently and thinking about getting one. Oh god, I'll have so many shoes:( and now I always have the problem I can't decide which to wear. Okay, I think I won't buy a new one, I'm rather going to concerts on that money:DDD

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my heart hurts:(
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this is my fave!


So I'm quite short, but in these shoes I feel like I'm a normal size. Okay, I know that "normal size" are not exist, everyone's beautiful, unique and amazing joust the way they are. But sometimes I like to feel higher. Plus they're comfy and pretty:)

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Thank you guys for reading me, I hope you enjoyed it, or got some ideas of shoes, style or anything. I hope you liked it and see you next time!

Until then you can check out my Instagram:) as well, and maybe we can be friends!