A story like no other 💌❣

This is the story of two young ladies, princesses of God that never imagined one ordinary day will change their lives forever!❤ Five years ago their loving Father decided to cross their paths... yep that long ago He decided to unify their lives... No doubt, before that they never imagined what having a sister from another mother felt like☄ Now, they look back at all the memories and stories their Father has allowed them to createand they can't help it, a smile and giggles just spontaneously appear painted in their joyful faces, faces of gratitude for knowing they can count on each other like one, two, three💕🐻🦁 They are certain that on each other they can find all the support to keep fighting even when it feels like life is just a storm with thunders and hurricanes, they know that in each other there is always a shoulder to cry on 😭❤ as well as words of encouragement when the other feels like a butterfly without wings to keep flying... This is not just any friendship, this is a blessing, a gift from above!!!

Dear best friend, this is our story💌❣📚 the one GOD is writing for us each day!

Isn't it incredible how have we kept going despite all the obstacles?! It hasn't been us but the One within us because He is stronger than everyone else and if his willing has us here is because there is certainly more ✒❤ He has a purpose for us and I'm sure that His grace will be revealed through us. It is a process on which we have to keep being strong on our faith and let Him be the one waiting through us💌 I have no idea where He will take us, however He has taught me to believe on His perfect timing ⌛It might seem that He is taking forever but He has it all planned and not one leaf falls without Him knowing🌿🌾 So we just have to rest on His loving hands assured that He has the last word and that it will be Him guiding us wherever we go🌼🌻

Just remember... For know and forever I thank God for giving me your frienship, I also pray that He will keep us going, ALWAYS maintaining our sight on Him💓

Te quiere mucho tu bestia siempre 🦁💕🐻

--Bianca Ramos❤