Hello ❣️ ❣️

Here's songs that I have been recently listening to. hope you like them ♫♫♫

Astrid S

style and astrid s image astrid s image

»Such a boy
»Does she know
»2 AM


banks, black, and hair image Image removed

»Gemini feed
»Begging for thread


beautiful, photography, and sunshine image art, hair, and cute image

»Super far


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

»Paris in the rain
»I like me better (MIRO remix)

The 1975

Image removed the 1975, band, and grunge image

»Loving someone
»She lays down
»heart out


️lorde and music image ️lorde image

»Hard feelings/Loveless

The neighbourhood

the neighbourhood and jesse rutherford image the neighbourhood, jesse rutherford, and the nbhd image

»Too serious
»Stuck with me

Dennis Lloyd

red, hands, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed


Billie Eilish

Temporarily removed billie eilish image

»my boy
»Bitches broken hearts

Years & Years

bands, green, and lights image olly alexander, years & years, and mikey goldsworthy image

»Take Shelter


halsey, singer, and now or never image american, blonde, and girl image

»Eyes closed
»Bad at Love

Post malone

Image removed Image removed


Jon Kuwada

pink, neon, and light image Image removed

»Cherry cola