Hey guys!

For starters i want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my first article. my writing might be a little rusty but please bear with me. you might hate it, but there's also a chance that you might love it and that small chance is why I've decided to start writing. so without any further ado, here is a little bit about me and hopefully you discover that you aren't the only weirdo out there.

My name is Cass and I'm as strange as they come. i have the kind of personality that is difficult to understand, i know most of us feel that way but I've noticed that very few people like to say it out loud. so here i am. to shout it from the rooftop (by that i mean sharing it through my very secret internet alter ego) all the weird thoughts that pop up into this confusing little brain of mine are likely to pop up in these articles. and i hope that some of you can relate.

if i could describe myself in a word i would say I'm a mess. a Casstastrophe if i may. I'm easy to get along with but hard to get to know, which is why I'm only cool on the internet. i love people but i have a slight problem initiating conversations. it's hard to be the perfect in between of introvert and extrovert. but so far i think I'm doing pretty okay.

this intro is getting a little long and I'm afraid it might start to get repetitive so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. again, thank you so much for taking an interest in me and i hope you enjoyed the tiny start to what i hope is going to be a really rad part of my life.

xoxo Cass