"Write a letter to your 8 year old self."

Dear Mally-mo,

These next few years, the waters will be testing you just as much as you test them. You'll try some new things. You'll make some really amazing friends. You'll even discover more passions than just acting in plays. But this letter is not to get you excited. You have a long journey ahead, and I am here to bring warning.

The mental health of your parents is going to deteriorate. You're going to be in the middle of many financial problems. Puberty is going to hit you like a bus and destroy your self esteem. And most of all, you won't feel in control of any of it.

But fuck all of it. Fuck it all, because you're stronger than that. I've seen you take nothing but scraps and make an army's meal. I've seen you take the wheel when everyone else failed. I've watched you move mountains. You are a warrior only worthy of the best. The future is yours. Take it.

You in a decade.