while there are videos that explain a few aesthetics, i haven't found any article online that gives a comprehensive list of all of the most popular tumblr style aesthetics.

also, a lot of these are mix n match - i.e. pastel goth, lavender vaporwave, etc.

btw, i know there are many many more. these are the most common ones i've come across on whi and tumblr :D



red, gold, and blessed image red, beauty, and makeup image
oversized hoodies, selfies, mega-watt highlighter


dog, animal, and cute image flowers, pink, and rose image
rose gold, high heels, french pastries


aesthetic, collar, and fashion image chanel, fashion, and preppy image
collared shirts, flats, silver jewellery



yellow, vans, and adidas image sarcasm and quotes image
band shirts, the colour black, headphones

soft vintage (idk the actual name for this lmao)

train, travel, and photography image Temporarily removed
wildflowers, stargazing, floral dresses


80s, 90s, and alternative image fashion, style, and outfit image
mom jeans, primary colours, thrift-shopping

art hoe

eyes image art, indie, and yellow image
watercolour palettes, kanken bags, sunflowers



aesthetic, vintage, and vaporwave image colors, computer, and lights image
the colour purple, marble statues, neon lights


beautiful, delicious, and pastel image aesthetic, pastel, and cute image
pale colours, cartoons, knee-high socks


anime, anime girl, and gif image dessert, sweet, and donuts image
japanese text, manga, plushies


these are technically denominations of pastel, but they have massive followings online so i thought i'd add them as their own thing. also there are more colours (obvs...) but i cba.


quotes, love, and person image aesthetic, beautiful, and lavender image
amethysts, song lyrics, japan


beauty, korean, and pink image payphone, peach, and peachy image
under-eye blush, freckles, peaches



Inspiring Image on We Heart It Mature image
victorian era, skulls, chokers


Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, boots, and shoes image
rock music, doc martens, hair dye

thanks for reading. my 'definitions' of what these aesthetics are might not fit yours, and of course i've missed a few. don't get too upset, it's fucking whi.

have a gr8 day :)