Just a quick heads up. I'm not the best writer out there so if you have any pointers or tips to help me improve, any feedback would be helpful.🙈

This is a hack/advice article.

Something I’ve noticed is that people complain a lot about the stuff they have to do which they find to be unnecessary. I do it to. It’s a way to relieve stress and frustration of the obligatory task. Whether it be school, errands, work or just basic activities, it can become easier to do if meaning is added.

When doing work I find to be pointless or unenjoyable, what I do is add meaning. Personally, I like to learn and gain knowledge so I tell myself that this is just something that’s expanding my knowledge even if I may not need it. I’ve noticed others telling themselves that this is just one step closer to achieving their goal so if they have to pull through and do it, they will. For work or schoolwork, I would say just add meaning to it to at least try and make it better. It’s still okay to complain about it but making it work for you will make it better. When you do something you’re passionate about, it stops being work. It kind of is hard to do but at the same time you can make it easy. Like setting a goal. For example, lets say you have maths homework. Give yourself a goal. Say if you finish at least a few sums within a certain amount of time, you get to watch your favourite show without having to worry about it. It’s probably not the best example but you get the point?

For errand I feel like music is a big help in getting it to be more enjoyable. If you love to sing whether you have a good voice or bad voice then sing as loud as you want along to your favourite song. It helps relieve stress and you feel more productive. Eventually you start to look forward to doing your chores and doing errands. When I have to do errands I usually make a playlist before I drive around. It’s usually upbeat songs that I can sing along to, mainly throwback songs. This helps a lot especially when you’re stuck in traffic and also when you get those annoying drivers who don’t know how to drive! When you have a good playlist it puts you in an enjoyable mood that you don’t even care. This is one of my biggest hacks. If you stay in a place similar to mine where you have the worst drivers ever, this hack will definitely help with the road rage.

For other activities such as photography, writing, art, music, etc. Anything to do with creativity. The best thing is to make it personal and add that layer of meaning to it. Think about the goal you’re trying to achieve and what you want your message to be. That simple thing right there makes such a difference. I’m mainly a photographer and an artist. Once I started adding meaning into my work, it made such a big difference. It’s that small change that makes the work much better.