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Hannah Montana, Hannah Baker, Baker, Montana, Banana, Goldilocks, and all of my friends just call me blondie.

What I’m Most Confident About Myself:

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That I love to travel and see new things.

One Insecurity:

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My weight.. Genetically from my mom before she died her last weight was a little higher than 400lbs. I used to be actually overweight but now I'm apparently normal for my age and height but i notice the little things on how I eat when i'm bored or whenever food is offered I take it even on a full stomach which is wrong. My eyes are so hungry and I don't know how to stop it.

Pictures That Inspire Me Or Make Me Happy:

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Anything that has to do with nature, outdoors, cities, asthetics, or outlines or just people that are smiling.

Favorite Word:

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cafuné : running your fingers through your lovers hair. (I just love doing that, especially if my lover has curly ends with silky smooth hair)


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meraki: to do something with soul, creativity, or love and to put something of yourself into your work.

Dream Job:

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A journalist or novelist. I have many stories to tell of what I went through.

Favorite Song:

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Icon by: Jaden Smith

Favorite Quote(s):

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"our scars, memories that hurt, none of this gets easier, we simply become stronger, we go through, our ups and downs, emotional wars and battles, we often feel defeated, unable to see that in the moment, the scars that are left, tell painful stories, of victory" - r.H. Sin

Favorite Quality About Me:

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I have many so i'm just gonna say it. I'm optimistic, an extrovert, curious, energetic and my most favorite quality is that I like changes.

What Positivity Means To Me:

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Positvity means to me, pushing back all the negative thoughts and overcoming them on the bright side of things, also means happiness to me of not a care in the world and grateful for many things.

Advice To Those Struggling With Positivity:

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Wait, happiness just doesn't come overnight, it could take weeks, months or even years but you will find happiness. Try laughing once a day, it can be something little like a meme or laughing with your friends. Overlook things that you surround yourself of and discover gratitude. Become confident and learn to love yourself.

Open your eyes, mind, and heart. Listen to laughter, and smile whenever you can. Notice how beautiful you are. Notice how beautiful the world around you is. Look for the rainbows and flowers when it drizzles. Wear as much yellow as you can. Be patient, and you will succeed in the hunt for happiness and positivity.

Say This:

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The sun is shining and so will my day.

Okay, that's all, I hope you like this article. Have a great day!

~ H A N N A H