You've probably heard these tips before, but this is my contribution to the whole "how to have a good morning" society. This is just a few things that work for me and hopefully they do for you too.

Hopefully (almost) every morning will be good from now on!

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Cold showers (or hot if you prefer) in the morning is the best thing! Besides making me more awake, it also helps me feel fresh and ready for the day.
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Proper skin routine is key! A good base for your makeup (or just for the rest of your day) is to always take care of your skin. Find the products and routine that works for you and you'll feel lighter and more taken care of. You can have 99 problems, but your skin routine shouldn't be 1.
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I incorporated making my bed into my morning routine which helps me feel productive. But also, it looks better when my room is clean and my bed made! It's so messy inside my head, at least it's tidy on the outside.
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I try to always eat a healthy breakfast (or brunch!) because it fuels the body and prepare my mind for whatever the day has in store for me. Green smoothies, coffee, water, greens, toast... whatever you like (avocado is a must!).

Thank you for reading and if it didn't help at least it was fun to write!
/ Emma