Hi Reader! These are some of my unspoken fears. Please read until the end. I hope my message can bring you some positive thoughts throughout your day.

Image by Lika_Dmitrieva

1) I have always been afraid to say that I am beautiful but as I was writing this article and I know someone could be smiling as they read this I can't help but to feel really beautiful.

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2) I have always been afraid to be the first to say "I can do it." but right now I know I can be a reason to make someone smile.

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3) I have always been afraid to ask someone to get out of their way just so that they could lend me a hand, but right now as I write this special message to lend someone a hand, I feel more confident that someone will also accept my hand should I need a little help.

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4) I have always been afraid to step out of my comfort zone because it always felt dangerous but as I greet each sunset with tired eyes and heavy sighs nothing could be more ominous than marching towards a new sunrise without saying a little "thank you".

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5) I've always been afraid to handle other people's thoughts of me but as I come to think of it it's their own baggage to carry not mine.

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6) I have always been afraid to openly admit and acknowledge that I have these fears but I am doing it, and so can you.

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Our biggest fear is our greatest triumph. Run towards one today. You don't know what kind of a wonderful person you will meet in the mirror tomorrow.