First thing first, yes, it´s thursday. I know. But Music Thursday doesn´t sound so nice... so... welcome to "MUSICMONDAY (* on thursday *).

This morning I sat in the train and I looked out the window when I had the hardest case of having a song stuck in my head (in german there´s actually a noun for this, it´s Ohrwurm, what translated means "earworm" and it just refers to having a song stuck in your head). So, I head this earworm. And I wasn´t quite sure where from. So I waited and it just kept repeating itself over and over. I knew it was from the 1975 (my favourite band, btw) so I googled the lines I sung over and over: "And I said do you wanna dance, do you wanna dance"
See there, it was "You" by the 1975 from their black and white era. And this song is so beatiful.

"And you´re a liar..."

: a person who tells lies / has a reputation as a liar