Aloha, I thought I do the abc Tag, because why not.

a → age

may, flowers, and hello image
18 // the 2 of may 19

b → best movie

Action, adventure, and beautiful image Abusive image
The Mummy and the Mummy: the return

c → colours

Image removed black, Blanc, and Bureau image Temporarily removed
My favorite colours are blue, black, white, rosa

d → drink you last had

fruit, food, and water image

e → everyday starts with

iphone, pink, and apple image
Checking the phone

f → favorite song

alone, Darkness, and leave image alternative, indie, and music image
At the moment is 'all I want' by kodaline

g → garden Goals

Temporarily removed cozy, design, and dream house image architecture, beautiful, and california image flowers, rose, and pink image

h → height

funny and short image sarcasm and memorable quotes image
1,55 m (5'1)

i → in love with

Image removed fashion, girl, and paris image Temporarily removed eyeshadow, girl, and hair image
Puppies, travelling, high heels and Make-up

j → jealous

kiss, kids, and child image fbi, love, and jealous image

k → kill someone

Abusive image Image removed
I want to, daily

l → last time you cried

wallpaper, blue, and background image Temporarily removed
4 months ago

m → middle name


n → number of sibling

Abusive image Temporarily removed
4 brothers. 2 older and 2 younger

o → one wish

feminism, aesthetic, and empathy image yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image

p → person you last called

b&w, goals, and inspiration image mom, flowers, and art image
My mom

q → Quote

quotes, Dream, and you image

r → Room you would like

Temporarily removed Image by S ı ʟ ᴀ

s → song you last sang

aesthetics, album, and boys image 5sos, quotes, and broken home image
Broken home - 5 Second of Summer

t → time you woke up

Temporarily removed Abusive image

u → underwear color

Temporarily removed fashion, style, and girl image

v → vacation places

Image by Rebecka H. ❤️‍🔥 Temporarily removed summer, beach, and sea image france, travel, and black and white image
Greece, America, Bora bora, Paris

w → worst habbit

Temporarily removed girl, butterfly, and vintage image
emotional shopping, sleeping with make-up

x → x-mas favorite food

Temporarily removed chocolate, cream, and crema image
Potato salad and Pandoro

y → your favorite food

delicious, yumm, and lasagna image food, tacos, and delicious image
Lasagna und Taco

z → zodiac sign

art, etsy, and illustration image cancer, Libra, and pisces image

XOXO, Alia