Next in my ”If X Were Real” series I have Powerpuff Girls! I used to love this show as a child! I got the idea from @ivanovicmilena445, thank you for that! You can always send me requests! 😊

Buttercup has short black hair and green eyes. She’s tomboyish and enjoys playing sports and fighting. Therefore, her hobbies include martial arts and playing other sports. Out of the trio, she is the toughest and is often sarcastic. Buttercup is also the goofiest and loves having fun, so she’s the one you should go partying with. Buttercup’s greatest dislike is losing and always refuses to admit she’s wrong. She is stubborn and is easily enraged. However, she also has a softer side, and dislikes bugs and bullies. Buttercup wears lots of black and green, sweaters and jeans, but occasionally skirts, too.

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