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A time ago, I think something like ages ago, because I haven't been writing an article for so long, @soulonline shared an idea for what we, the hearters, could write in articles.

I think she still may be sharing her ideas around, so make sure to check her out!

Soul Online ️
Soul Online ️

I thought that it would be fun, somehow, to take on the ''challenge''. So here I am.
If you want to find out the idea or check it out, I added it to my Writing Challenges.

A thing I will never understand and that I have been questioning since I was little are the wars.

And I don't think I will ever understand them. Why are there wars? Like, really, why?! Someone please tell me.

I always tried thinking who invented the wars or how the definition was formed, but all that came in my mind were old gods from greek mythology. And I'm not pretty sure that's the answer. Maybe something more likely to find on Wikipedia.

Why do we need to fight with ourselves? Because that's how wars are, that's how I see wars. Why do we need to kill the ones that are from the same race with us? Why do we need to launch rockets at the ones that are like us?

Having a different skin color or a different nationality or different belief shouldn't be something to make everyone hate everyone.

An old joke said ''If women would lead, there would be only a bunch of countries not talking to each other.'' Well, I think it's a hundred times better to don't talk to someone instead of hurting them physically or even killing them because you're sick of power.

All of the other humans are our family. Even if we are different, even if there are different beliefs, differences of any kind between us. We're like one big family and we should be united. Sadly there are enough bad people nowadays.

We don't need to kill and fight with each others when he have something we don't like at others. And we shouldn't be sick of power too. We could share but...not going to make the real leaders see the truth through the eyes of an almost 16 yo girl...

Just imagine every existing human on this planet and that he or she is a member of your family you haven't known yet.
A stranger on the street can be a part of our family. A PART OF YOUR FAMILY.
What if you'd take out a gun and shoot him/her out of sudden? Well, you even couldn't first of all. Because that person means a lot to you.

Another thing I'd never understand are people loving the objects more than real persons.

Why do some people, and maybe the majority here, love objects more than persons? Don't give me that ''I'm not obsessed with my phone, I'm obsessed with the persons I'm talking to''. If you want to talk to someone just meet somewhere and do it. And even if they're from a different country than you, meet somewhere and talk!

Also I think family is so much more important than the phone. Are you going out with your family? Let that dammed thing in the house! The persons that care about you and love you are right next to you. All the other persons don't really love you.
And I'm sure your friends will understand that you can't talk when you have to learn or to go out with your family.
And why do we love belongings so much? They're not more important than your brother or your sister.

Why do we have fights if a plate breaks or if we break a smartphones's screen? At least, the things that matter the most are our family and friends, our happiness and health. It's not like we're about to die if we broke a gadget or something. It really doesn't matter, It's just an object. You can buy a new one anytime. But if you lose the time you should be spending with your family, you can't buy it. You can't return it. And that's also available when you lose a person. Spend as much as you can with them, because the time you lost doing something else can't be returned.

And why do people hurt other people? Why does someone say about a person they're ugly? This is another something I'll never understand. Are we really that blinded by the beauty and money that we rush and forget about the inner beauty? If a person isn't nice on the inside then the outside doesn't worth it, no matter what they own. Well, at least this from my point of view.
We don't get satisfaction by calling someone ugly.
Or fat.
Or unworthy.
Or disgusting.
Or in any other way. Ever single person has it's own purpose. You have to find it on your own, because no one knows and no one will tell you why you are here, today, now. Every single person is built in their certain way. There's no one fat or skinny. That are just differences to make us stand out. If we would all be the same, it will suck.
When you talk about someone, imagine you talk about yourself. Would you say bad things about yourself? If not, then don't say bad things to the other, too. If you would say bad things about you to the other persons, then it means that, just, something isn't right. And you have to get that fixed. No one is perfect. Everyone does mistakes. And that's why we're humans.
Let's say that there is someone you just can't swallow, no matter how much you'd try. Every little thing that person does, drives you crazy. You can't like them even if you try so hard too. And that's perfectly alright. We're not programmed, like robots, to like anything. And also don't deny it. I'm sure everyone has it's little person that annoys them. And you just thought about them, while you read this. You think bad stuff about them, and wish them all the bad in the world, blah blah. But even if the bad stuff you think about may be real, don't really say any bad word to anyone. Just think 'would I like someone to tell me this?' If the answer is 'no', then don't say it as well to the person.
I'm sure that if he/she makes an effort to be as nice as possible with you, you could make an effort to be at least only a little nice to the person.

And the last thing, because this is already getting super long.
They're just some painted plastic papers!
Why do we value them so much?
It's stupid, isn't it?

Well, this was for this article.
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