Hi!, today I came to write about something that is causing me very bad and I know that several people are also going through this very moment, in that very second.
I really want to forget someone, I want because today I caught myself freaking out because of a photo. I do not want to feel this pain anymore, this scare, and I also want to help those who are suffering for it.
And please always remember that even if it is love, too much love is bad too.

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1º Let's start with something that always happens when I get caught up in it, I listen to music, but not any song, I get caught up in Spotify that special song that I chose specially for him, that told me a lot about him.
I know by taking these songs from my Playlist, I try to listen to songs that do not speak about other things, and also make me think about the subject that is in question, and I realize that I did not think about him for 3 minutes of music.

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2º Romance Books
I've taken many 'love' books out of my goal this year, the more I read about love I remember him, and it's not doing me good.
And with that I also open other doors of the literary world for me, I sort of get rid of read only one kind of genre you know ?, I now read about politics, read high help books, I read about Hatchepsut (was a real great wife , ruler and pharaoh of Ancient Egypt).
Aside from letting go of him, I become a more social person in the litter world.

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3° Poetry of self-esteem or Modern Poetry
I started to read, and to see that the author has gone through what I'm going through and that now she wants to help me overcome, as she has overcome, but she teaches me to overcome in a good way, in an intelligent way.
I saw this in Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey book
she taught me so much about so much about relationships that I can not explain right, I just ask you to read this wonderful book, when you

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4° Start thinking about your future alone
You have to understand that it's over, and maybe this time he will not come back. Now is the time to miss (but the good times) because now he will be trying to move forward and with this he will realize that you too, will realize how strong you are and that you can move on without him.
Are you going to start from scratch? Yes, but right now.

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Time will not wait for you to finish suffering, it will continue to pass, and opportunities will pass, do not let them go on account of a love of 2017
(For those who do not know: love of 2017 or love of 2008, is that love that happened in those past years, but that is over, will not come back more: /)
It's something that is still difficult for me, I missed many opportunities and time because of a love of 2016, it was not good for me, and I do not want to go through it anymore, and I do not want people to suffer for it. unfortunately it is something inevitable) and stop in a love of 2017 or 2015 or 2014!
love will always come again, no need to have medoo, or doubt about it.

❤ Be the love you never received ❤

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lay's kisses xoxo 💘