After that in mid February I continued with my studies helping my mother with the cleanliness of the house, a paramount thing for her tranquility, tolerating and calming the tension of my dad during those days and trying, really trying not to stress me with much I had to study.

Neglect, my situation was not the worst, I survived, which is good and thanks to the support of my sister and my parents I remained optimistic and positive.

I remember perfectly that my exam was on Tuesday, February 20 and I had to be in the university at 7 am. It's a bit far, it's taking two buses and going through a district. All right, because I liked seeing the blue sky at 5am.
Well, I arrived and there was a long line of applicants and I was a bit intimidated by the knowledge that there was the slightest possibility that I ... I! I could pass the exam.

Finally I faced the exam with the most optimistic mentality that I could and did the damn test. HAHAHAHHA

It definitely was not what I expected, at all ... it was ... I think my stress was ridiculous ...
Two days later, the results of the test were published in the afternoon. I was very anxious all morning, I literally started to walk because I could not stand sitting. To calm down I decided to see Grey's Anatomy and time just flew ;)

I saw the results ... AND APPROVED !!!!!
I was very happy, we all hugged and I started crying, my sister burst an egg in my head and my mom took me many pictures.

I went to the next phase of the admission process which consisted of a personal interview in front of a jury and an experiential day.
Thank God I survived that and again I passed !!!
That means that I really entered a university ...

Next aritcle will be all about this new experience.
I'll keep you updated ;)