Hi !
Today I will start by saying that I'm sorry. Sorry for two reasons, the first one sorry because I have not written anything for a long time. And secondly, I have to say that I'm sorry for my last article. I was really far, deep and lost in my life.

Today is an other day and I am happy to spend it with you. I will stay in Dublin for one more month and it's a good experience. A hard one but good and full of meaning.

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In two days it is the St Patrick and I'm in Ireland so i will be able to tick one more thing on my before I die list and it makes me sooo happy !!
Last week one of my friend helps me to tick an other one and I was totally in love which what he did: in a restaurant, we ordered our plate and at the end he says to the waitress "bring dessert first" !!
Little things can make people so happy so never forget to listen to them because you can offer them one of the best moment of there life with just a little attention.

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Like all people, my life is not totally pink and I have some troubles but in want to go through and I know that you are here to help me. So thank you for that.
Don't hesitate to text me back, I love to talk with you !

To all my little hearts
With love