Spectrum is the new seven member boygroup from WYNN Entertainment. They were supposed to debut on the 26th of October last year, but their debut got pushed back due to the group's participation on Mixnine.
They eventually made their debut on the 8th of May

Donggyu (Moon Seunghyuk): vocal. Formerly of Underdog

Minjae: leader

Jeahan: vocal. Formerly of One.Voices as J.Han

Hwarang: rap. He was supposed to debut in Lucente as Jongchan

Seonghyun: rap

Eunjun (Choi Eunjoon): vocal and maknae.

Honorary Member

Dongyoon: rap. He made it through the audition round on Mixnine.

He unfortuantely past away at the age of 20 on the 27th of July 2018. So young and only just started to realise his dream. May he rest in peace.

Music Video