Today's topic is related to travelling. If you've read my article "Day Two | 30 Days Writing Challenge", you'd probably know that going abroad is one of the things that makes me happy. If you didn't read it, well, you know it now.

I haven't said this before, but I feel way too strange writing about me. I think it's becoming a bad habit because who cares? Anyways, let's focus on today.

Day 4. "Make a list of five places you want to visit."

I had the chance of visiting a few awesome places which I won't include in this list even though I'd love to go back. I intend to focus on places I've never been.

Before I start, I wanted to point out a thought of mine. Yesterday I talked about it with my best friend. I truly believe that you can not choose a favorite place by only looking at pictures of it. To really choose one you have to go there, and when you are in a different city you even feel a different air. Every place has its own beauty, that's undeniable, but you don't always feel like you could fit in or you feel comfortable in all of them. It goes beyond beauty, not everything is what it seems.

I'll stop now.

Unless you hate knowing places, making a list of only five places is a little bit complicated. Let's give it a try, though.

1. Hawaii, USA

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I can't die unless I've already visited Hawaii. I don't know why it has me so obsessed, but when I have the chance I won't waste it. It's one of my biggest priorities.

2. New Orleans, USA

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The city of princess Tiana and the Michaelson -fangirl mode on-. I don't know why, but every time I watch a movie or a TV series that is situated in this city, I can't stop loving it.

3. Kyoto, Japan

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I think I feel attracted to the colours and the surroundings instead of the town itself, but it still looks like something unique.

4. Saariselkä, Finland

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I've always wanted to see an aurora borealis. Is there a better way of doing so that does not include an iglu-shaped hotel? I bet there isn't.

5. Monte Carlo, Monaco

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Monaco looks like a wonderful country, but this city is a must in my list. A beautiful city, beaches, skyscrapers and expensive cars. It can't be better.

There it is. It was rather difficult for me because I had to choose the pretties place to see an aurora borealis. I'd go anywhere to watch them. The other ones were easier.

The world is beautiful, never underestimate it.

Hope you liked this post. Have a great day!