Before you start reading this article, here is one of my other articles where I explained what Mistake-Management exactly is:

Bad Exam Results

The reason why I put this at the first point in this article is because making mistakes is normal. Don't give up just becasue you got one bad exam back, learn from it.
Btw I got History back with a bad result.
Look at the things your teacher marked or wrote in your exam, don't put it directly away.
If it's always the same he/she says, for example 'Choice of words' or 'Explanation', then that's what you need to learn properly.


If you learn together with other people in a group or if you ask your teacher for his opinion, then you have to expect critic, but don't take it as a bad thing. That's why it's called critic, because you try to avoid them the next time.


Sometimes it's the misunderstanding of the questions, it's okay to ask your teacher what he/she meant.
What I do is that I change the question up, so I exactly understand what the teacher wants from me in an exam. (This works for me)


If you know what you make for mistakes over and over again, work on them. Write the exam again and try to avoid those mistakes and make exercises to learn better to get rid of those mistakes.

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