Hey everyone My name is Issra, hope you are all having a nice day this the first article that I post I hope you like it ^^
Goals to achieve this year ! :

-Keep my room clean.

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-Keep up the good work with working out and get stronger better.

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-Always stay hydrated aka drink more water.
-Eat healthier.
-Lose weight .
-Sleep better and earlier.

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-Keep my eyebrows and hair on fleek.
-Always be epilated.
-Keep my skin glowing and take care of my body.

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-Be nicer to my family like give them some good attention.

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-Donโ€™t mind negative people like care less of other people opinions just do me.

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-Read more.

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-Meditate more.
-Pray better.
-Love better.

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-Love myself more.

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-Study better.

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-Wear nicer clothes.

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-Find a new hobby.

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-Be the best at whatever I do.
-Smile more, laugh more,have more fun.

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- Donโ€™t beat myself too much, good things take time.
-Never stop till I get hat I want .

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So those are my new years revolutions, did you think about yours? what do you want most this year ? Why aren't you making it happen ? Baby steps are better than no steps so get up and get busy !
Just make it a good year and keep in mind it 2018 a new year not 2017 or 2019 it didnโ€™t happen yet and is not that far donโ€™t try to make it better than last year or a preparation for next year last year passed and is never coming back and God knows if you gonna live next year or maybe even next week, day, minute but remember you got now it is now for the first time every moment is a new beginning so you decide to do the things that you want, be patient, care less,believe more and be kind make your life, and live as you wish you would,fight yourself make new habits and youโ€™ll eventually realize that it is not that hard if you put in the effort needed it is worth it ! Life is worth it ! and enjoy your dopesome achievements like a Boss ! ^^ peace out thank you for reading <3