Hi, there... this is my second article and its about learning to heal yourself, so that you can find peace, heal and move on. It took me a long time to release this painful lesson and so I hope that it helps anyone who needs a little something to help them on their way. Life is hard and painful so make it a little easier on yourself.

Forgiveness serves more to ourselves than to the one we have to forgive.

Forgiving is not simple, it takes a huge amount of energy on our own.
However, we must assume that those who benefit from it will be ourselves first, because hating or not forgiving makes us live in turmoil, without any peace.
Forgiveness is an act of love to itself that allows us to absorb pain, to accept it to make it more harmless, not to give relief to those who have caused that immense pain.
It is a balm with which to soothe that wound, which is difficult to heal, but that in time it will make it less painful, or perhaps it will get us used to that pain and therefore easier to bear.
Forgiving means overcoming that inner conflict, having reached the serenity of mind with which to feel the pain with the most favorable lucidity, in order to endure it, erasing the negativity that pain inevitably creates.
Forgiveness needs a precious ally, which is "time", that will help him enter with so much patience to be part of our lives!!