Hi guys, I'm a month home now and somethimes it's really boring, so here are some stuff I honestly like when I don't know what to do;

1) Take pictures
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You don't need to have a profecional camera, but it's always nice. You can also take pictures with the camera of your phone. You are going to have some nice pictures to share.

2) Read a book
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I know that it sounds boring, but once you like reading it's really nice to just sit down in the silence and read a fiew pages.

3) Watch netflix
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I love to just lay down in bed and binge watch the newest series on netflix.

4) Make drawings
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Actually I am the worst drawer ever, but I really like to draw. If you don't know what to do. Just grab a pencil and a paper and start drawing.

5) Talk with your family
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Last but not least, TALK! It's really nice to just talk with your family and friends about stupid stuff. Believe me it makes time fly.

♥ Hope you all enjoyed it! Kisses from Mabel Yedda. ♥