10 Day K-pop Challenge

Day 5 3/15/2018

List your favorite K-pop ships...

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

V & Jungkook

gif, bts, and vkook image
kpop, bts, and bangtan image

Big Matthew & Jiwoo

dance, kpop, and bm image
asian, asian girls, and gif image

Kyungil & Yijeong

bromance, history, and kpop image
gif, kyungjeong, and history image

GD & T.O.P

g-dragon, top, and bigbang image

Suga & Jimin

bts, yoonmin, and jimin image

Vernon & Seungkwan

Seventeen, hansol vernon chwe, and boo seungkwan image
gif, Seventeen, and vernon image

Zico and Kyung

park kyung, gif, and zico image
otp, park kyung, and gif image

Hwanhee and Xiao

xiao, hwanhee, and gif image

Jason and Wow

Image removed

B-joo and Minsung aka Hansol or Navinci

gif, hansol, and bjoo image
gif, bjoo, and hansol image
hanjoo, gif, and bjoo image

even though Minsung left Topp Dogg i think i will always ship and B-joo together lol

im only doing 10 on the list cause tbh they take a long time and after doing almost a 100 on my last list.... yeah im not about to do that again

as a bonus watch this video, i promise you not be disappointed

enjoy (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)