Even though it's something unusual on WHI's grid I want to share some clothes hacks to make your life a little easier ♥ This are some of the most commons stains we can suffer every day.

1. Coffee stains first coffe

You need to place vinegar with a cotton ball on the stain, sprinkle baking soda covering the whole stain and then with a toothbrush in disuse, soak it in vinegar and brush. After this you wash the shirt / pants following the instructions.

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2. Grease stain hard work

Just need to sprinkle salt on the stain and let sit a couple of minutes. Then you take it off and wash it!

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3. Red Wine stain a glass doesn't hurt anybody

Spill some white wine on the stain, let it absorb it and then wash following the instructions.

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4. Oil stain cooking it's a beautiful challenge

Add baby powder on the stain, brush it. Then add to the stain dish soap and brush it again. Wash the clothes following the instructions.

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5. Ketchup stain who doesn't love some fries with it

Add vinegar with a cotton on the stain, then dish soap and brush it. Wash the shirt/pants and that's it!

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Other stains we have to deal, this are other hacks

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