Obvs guys I'll be honest with you all.

I used to hate my hair becuase it was dry, lifeless and opaque. My hair had (and still a little bit lol) with a lot of frizz.

So, one day I started to search for alternatives and I found some. I realize that I 've been washing my hair so WRONG!
I changed my tactic and is working!

I can't say my hair is completely healthy, but luckily is changing.

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But... what I did?


I lower the temperature of the water. I used to wash my hair with hot or cold water, but I changed for warm, and it is amazing!

Shampoo - conditioner.

I started to put the shampoo ONLY on roots and conditioner JUST in the large, and it works, I swear.

Every two days.

I used to wash my hair every day but It was so wrong! So, I changed my routine and I started to wash every two days.

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It is god, I swear. Search for masks that make you comfort and you will shine!

Sleep with braids.

It's my fav advice. I started to sleep with braids and it is very comfort, also make your hair without frezz (at least lot of)

Thanks for read my article

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