hi! i have seen this "challenge" a little time ago but it looks so fun to do so yeah here we go :)

1. a song with a color in the title
red - frank hamilton

2. a song with a number in the title
6/10 - dodie

3. a song that reminds me of the summer
feel it still - portugal. the man

4. a song that reminds me of someone I would rather forget
burned out - original song - dodie

5. a song that needs to be played loud
na na na (na na na na na na na na na) - my chemical romance

6. a song that makes me wanna dance
we don't have to dance - andy black

7. a song to drive to
home - one direction

8. a song about drugs or alcohol
geek stink breath - green day

9. a song that makes you happy
golden days - panic! at the disco

10. a song that makes you sad
cancer - my chemical romance

11. a song I will never get tired of
this is gospel (piano version) - panic at the disco

12. a song from my preteen years
last friday night - katy perry

13. a song from the 70s
bohemian rhapsody - queen

14. a song i would love to play at my wedding
love at first sight - the brobecks

15. a song that is a cover of another artist
stitches - conor maynard

16. favorite classical song
in the hall of the mountain king - edvard grieg

17. a duet I would karaoke to
ja! - bizzey

18. a song from the time you were born
eminem - lose yourself

19. a song that makes you think about life
i have no idea tbh

20. a song that has many meanings to you
i can't help falling in love with you - elvis

21. a song with a name in the title
hey there dililah - plain white t's

22. a song that moves you forward
castaway - 5 seconds of summer

23. a song that everyone should listen to
idle town - conan gray

24. a song by a band you wish were still together
fake your death - my chemical romance

25. a song by an artist who is no longer living
lil peep - star shopping

26. a song that makes you wanna fall in love
naked - james arthur

27. a song that breaks your heart
i have no idea tbh, again

28. a song by an artist whose voice you love
the quiet - troye sivan

29. a song I remember from my childhood
hey macarena - los del rio

30. a song that reminds you of yourself
bitter content - original song feat. dom fera - dodie

aaand that's it! i'm a little emo shit i know lmao
see ya!