Hi, and welcome to this article. As you can see from the title, this article is my favorite on-screen couples. I'm just warning you, there's a LOT of couples I ship, which probably also have something to do with me almost always watching Netflix. But well, I hope you enjoy it! (These are not in order like the first one is not necessarily my number 1 favorite)

1. Mike and Eleven (Mileven) - Stranger Things
Stranger Things is a show that I really like, and these two are just too cute. First love, right?

stranger things, mileven, and eleven image Image removed

2. Spencer and Toby (Spoby) - Pretty Little Liars
I love these two soooo much. They're just cute, okay?

spoby image spoby image

3. William and Noora - Skam
I love how Noora at first doesn't like him at all, but they still end up together.

skam, william, and willhelm image Image by Itxel

4. Hanna and Caleb (Haleb) - Pretty Little Liars
I just ship these two a lot.

pll, haleb, and pretty little liars image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

5. Magnus and Alec (Malec) - Shadowhunters
These two are so cute I'm gonna cry. I can't even... Look at them!

Image removed maleç, shadowhunters, and alec lightwood image

6. Lucas and Maya (Lucaya) - Girl Meets World
Like all the other couples on this list... They're cute.

lucas, maya, and lucaya image girl meets world and lucaya image

7. Chuck and Blair (Chair) - Gossip Girl
I want a relationship like they have!

gossip girl, love, and chuck bass image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image

8. Clary and Jace (Clace) - Shadowhunters
Okay, these are for sure on my list of top three couples.

shadowhunters, clace, and clary image dom, kat, and shadowhunters image

9. Katniss and Peeta - The Hunger Games

katniss everdeen, catching fire, and peeta mellark image the hunger games, katniss, and peeta image

10. Hazel and Gus - The Fault in Our Stars
I cried during this movie, and my heart completely broke at the end of it.

b&w, black and white, and movie image tfios, the fault in our stars, and hazel image

11. Angela and Hodgings - Bones
I ship these two very much.

Temporarily removed angela, bones, and fox image

12. Booth and Brennan - Bones
Now to the last, and my all-time favorite couple. They're cute, aren't they?

bones, booth, and brennan image Image removed

That was all for this article! I hope you liked it<33