Hello everyone , hope you have a great day
my name is Zinoce Adnan , from Iraq
today I want to tell you about my experience with WE HEART IT 😍
i have spend 3 years on we ❤️ it , these years with we ❤️ have been really marvelous , i had so much gratification , inspiration and fun. And I'm grateful to be here.

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this was my first post on we ❤️ it , And that's where I started my journey
this was my first collection , i am shared many quotes in Arabic language ,384 hearts yet of love , happiness, sadness and a lot of feelings , so I am sure you will find something that suits you😁
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These are some quotes that I love 🤗😍
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this collection has quotes in english language , 94 hearts yes and many feelings
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this is my last collection i have shared and i will share my dairies on 2018 let me tell you a secret , I want to be one of heartiest this year 😅 😉 😎 at last i want to say thank you we heart it and my followers for everything , i love you all 😍 😘