hey all, today i'm giving suggestions for you on what new show you should start watching! As there are so many so here are some of my personal favourites;

chicago fire and family image
chicago fire
sophia bush and jesse lee soffer image
chicago pd
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greys anatomy ugh, what can i say this show and shoda rhimes sure knows how to pull at your heart strings with this one. also not okay with the amount of amazing characters who've left
criminal minds image
criminal minds this show is unhealthy obsession of mine i've binged 9 seasons of this in the past 3 months
Law, tumblr, and tv show image
for the people this show is sooo good, even though it only just started last week and has only one episode. it is a great show to pick up from the beginning! and it's another shoda rhimes show to tug at the heart strings
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friends image
aesthetic, alternative, and gilmore girls image
gilmore girls
karla souza and aja naomi king image
how to get away with murder
gossip girl, blake lively, and chuck bass image
gossip girl i've rewatched this show 5 times now, i love it so muchhh

hope you all enjoyed this updated article, i hope this encourages you to try new things such as watching a show out of your comfort zone

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